Friday, April 4, 2008


La Clique field trip to New York last week- We love New York
The Highlights: 
Resident Baron DJ's Sunshine, Greg Boust and artist duo Kolkoz DJ at the official Volta show opening parties at the Soho Grand-  Le Baron ambience and decadence followed as could be expected.... late night lock in at Lit bar with Eric Foss (owner Fuse gallery)  and Eric Rapin (A.R.E Weapons) big thankyou for their New York hospitality.... Bacaro restaurant only restaurant that would take an 18 people booking amazing Venetian food thanks to Mandy Brooks for the hook up.....Soho Grand we love Tommy...jeremy Kost show at Tribeca.... Kingswood bar owned by the Ksubi boys Sydney revisited loved the Lionel Richie..... the fruit and flower deli gallery exhibition at Volta show, love the Keeper love the Oracle.....the Beatrice Inn as always an every night pilgrimage...... tea with Cecilia Dean at MOMA.... Beacons Closet Williambsurgh best vintage... the printer shop with the crazy window with Greg in Brooklyn.... the Cai Guo-Qiang solo at the Guggenheim, the last night and closing down of legendary Gavin Brown's space Passerby.....and of course Monzieur Moru's amazing tribute to breakfast at Tiffanys - chicken noodle soup and tea in the middle of a construction zone love the witches hat /table improvisation...... 

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